Rules and intentions

October 7, 2008

The flame of revolt runs in our blood, the brain searches for escape, for some way that might lead to another mode of life


Sam Rainsy

November 15, 2010

Sam Rainsy writing the letter and talking in courtesy tone to the Prime Minister of SRV is already too much for some nationalists. They start to curse their leader for abandoning the rigid line of swearing and spitting at despicable Yuons. What a shame, Sam Rainsy! There’s much more relationship between Vietnamese and Sam Rainsy than it is thought. Thus, his father was killed at Vietnamese border, says Foreign Policy of Cambodia with a further link to Pravda. Did his father die in Laos or Vietnam? Or the question should say, was he paid by CIA or only by South Vietnamese? What a big shame would be for Yuon-hater number one if his hate resulted from the unfortunate circumstances in which his father was put in.

Sam Rainsy's plan

And the bogus plan had the unfortunate happened and Sam Rainsy became the Prime Minister of Cambodia. There’s really nothing to comment, it’s just empty words, the filling, he says this and that but he doesn’t explain, for example, how he’s going to implement his policies to fight corruption and where he would take money to pay the officials so they wouldn’t accept the bribes. Of the six kha , the name of the letter which starts words , as kchil, kouch, koh,khiland khmer, there’s no word stupid, and it would fit Sam Rainsy fine. So stupid!

Does it really matter?

September 5, 2010

KI-Media gets sadder and sadder each day. You would actually post some random idiot’s blog and try to use that as proof that the Vietnamese are trying to conquer Cambodia? I know KI-Media has an racist agenda it tries to pursue, this blog uses tactics that are similar to any typical white supremist’s blog. But seriously, you’re grasping at straws with this one. Man, you guys are pathetic. Do you think if Vietnam did have plans for some sort of conquest that it would post or even allow someone to post it on a blog?

Concerning this

And my own comment. The KI media uses the same Pol Pot’s methods justifying their xenophobia towards Vietnamese. Let beat them with the same method by quoting Khieu Samphan:

For peasants of Samlaut and the peasants of the other villages independence had what meaning? It didn’t matter at all or had a very little of value. Under the French colonialists they had to accept all the hardships and expenses of Phnom Penh “progress”, they also were heavily pressed by debts. The system didn’t change since at all, except that Chinese took the middle positions of money lenders in place of the officials of the king.

So accepting Khieu Samphan’s logic independence didn’t matter to the majority of the population in Khmer Rouge era, People’s Republic and doesn’t matter now. Khieu Samphan slyly omitted this and started to insist that Vietnamese communists wanted to subject Cambodia. In other words the logic “independence didn’t matter” served only when it was useful to implicate “the corrupt Sangkum” and after that independence started to matter! What a tricky way to conceal the truth!

In his quote Khieu Samphan was correct. Independence does not matter to the majority of population as it’s an abstract category. Independence from what or who? In the present situation it’s the dependence on everything and everybody. Independence matter only to a handful American emigre who because of their good economic status are not subjected to the daily survival. But for the majority of population it’s a little bit different subject since their values and needs are a bit different too.

Kromar vs. Non La (conical hat)

May 17, 2010

I had an argument with my wife, about the harming effect of a hot sun. And as you know, as all the socialists, it was in the saloon of the air conditioned car. No socialist works obviously for 2 bucks a day. Anyways, she said that Khmer peasant look older because of the hot son. Indeed, sometimes 20 years old looks like 40 years old. In the countryside they wear krama around the head or some kind of an old colonial hat. Our brothers Vietnamese instead use the conical hat, non la and I was really easy convinced that it is more practical then wearing krama. First the conical hat provides more shade, second it provides an extra air flow which cools the head. One more bad effect of krama that it poorly serves its purpose, the shade is non-existent, hair sweats and as the result lice breeds. What Pol Pot could implemented had he been that much of a revolutionary was to replace all krama with conical hats. A voluntary vietnamization. A good solution for peasants. Too much sun is not so good.

Revising the toilet “problem”

March 13, 2010

It’s really sorry to read somebody who wants to sell modern Chinese shit pots to the poor peasants.Here’s some doable thing, that anyone can do without running to the forest to shit.

1)Make a small excavation, a pit 5’x5’x10′ or something like that. Away from sources of water, and make sure it won’t be overflown with water during the wet season.

2)Put wooden planks, attach them on some sort of wooden frame so all structure would be stable on the pit and won’t fall into. Cut a small opening 1′ by 2′. I suggest round, for more aesthetic outlook.

3)Make wooden shack over the covered pit. Ready.

That’s so simple and this truly proves, that a lot of education and coercion had to be put into the countries like Cambodia or Vietnam to make it happen. I’ve seen so many times people don’t care about hygiene and just shitting anywhere easy to reach. There’s no progress without education. And there’s no education without coercion.

The comment on

Y**n talk..

February 6, 2010

Everybody misses the point here. It’s not up to Khmers to judge whether the word is racist or not but up to Vietnamese. And almost every single Vietnamese of the Phnom Penh community agrees that this word is an insult. Same as N-word in US. If Khmers find the word Cao Mien or whatever Vietnamese use to designate Khmers offensive they have full write to complain and demand use of Kho Me or Khmer whichever is more appropriate. What’s the fuck wrong with you guys bringing an old dictionary for quotation? Is that dictionary has words like “cellphone” or “internet”? Language and the words have tendency to change and the word Y**n already changed its meaning and its meaning now an insult to Vietnamese. Yes, it was used to describe Vietnamese and was the only word in use until recent. BUT NOW IT CHANGED. Now there’s word VIETNAM and the more Khmers insist on using Y##n the more Westerners will see it as a clear racist sign. It’s that simple!

On Va and Sy

February 6, 2010

What solution Sacrava has to offer? I haven’t seen any except Y-hate propaganda. Hun Sen has the only benefit, that he doesn’t come from corrupted family ala Sam Sary, he can’t do everything right of course, but his hands are held, I believe. He’s not the one to topple but to support. What policies Sacrava and Sam Rainsy have to offer? What economic solutions? None. They know fuck all about economics. Their economics is Y-word in their heads.
They empty, these snakes.

On “Yuon” and its “neutral meaning”

February 3, 2010

Yuons- name given to Vietnamese by Khmer people, which means “savages” The Black Book

Recent discussion of the word Yuon and its usage shows that many people are not willing to acknowledge the racist meaning of the above-mentioned. A word becomes a racist term not because of some dictionary stating so, it becomes racist when it’s used exclusively in racial overtones, in insulting and offensive ways. This is an exact context in which word Yuon is being used. No Khmer would say “My wife is Yuon“, maybe in joking nature and in carefully observed background. And no Yuon would wish to be branded Yuon. Isn’t it simpe? Yuon is used only with negative overtones and thus racist.

I bet if any of the defender of Yuon went and ask opinion of Yuon in Vietnamese community in Cambodia he would hear a 100% negative feedback. Yuon connected a way too much to Lon Nol and Pol Pot genocidal policies of recent past. It ceased to be a Chinese Yueh ’cause there is too much bloodied past smeared all neutral meanings. The word Yuon is a slang of nationalists of KI Media and Sam Rainsy’s party. Nothing stays behind it but stench of ethnic pogroms, segregation and racial discrimination.

Aesthetics of rice, morning glory and salted soya beans.

January 17, 2010

The story that my wife told me. In the time of hardships when all her family didn’t have money her mother bought morning glory (trokuon) for 500 riel and salted soya beans for 500 riel. Thus cost for all family dinner was around 25 cents US, don’t know what the rate was back then. My wife, still a small girl told her mom that she liked this food, it was so delicious! Why do you like this kind of food? It’s the food of the poor people who can’t allow to buy good food,- scored her mother. I don’t know, continued my wife, sometimes expensive food tastes not at all appeasing and simple food fills you with unforgettable taste. We ate since our salted soya beans and trokuon and this food of simple people filled us with joy and begot us with inner purity. What thing can be that valuable as a sense of inner purity? Poor people following their bad habits and filling their guts with expensive meats versus simple vegetables.They desecrate themselves and they lose themselves in the ocean of impurity. Our stomachs are clean and our hearts are shining!

Reading Khieu Samphan.

January 2, 2010

The most controversial measures were imposition of a luxury tax on the sale of imported alcohols (70 to 100 percent), imported cosmetics (50-100 percent), and imported refrigerators, television sets and tinned foods (30-100 percent). In addition, the cost of licenses for the sale of alcohol and tobacco were to go up and new taxes would be levied on luxury residences, housing construction, privately owned motorized passenger vehicles, yachts and pleasure boats.

This is a quote from Khieu Samphan’s Cambodia’s economy and Industrial development, exactly from the introduction. It caught my eye right away. This is the way any honest person would do if appointed in the office in the Third World country. Tax alcohol, cosmetics, imported refrigerators, TV sets and imported food. Alcohol is a social evil, it doesn’t have to be made available for dirt cheap, it has to be taxed to the maximum. Refrigerators imply extra consumption of electricity; in countries like Cambodia the problem with electricity is especially acute. We all know it, when they shut the power. And what kind of goods refrigerators fit in?
Rights, imported tinned shits. An almost every Cambodian travels every day to the market to buy fresh groceries. What tinned food good for? Source of food poisoning and others health complication from eating not healthy food. What about cars? Who would suffer the most if there’s no more Lexuses and Landcruisers for officials?

Paraphrasing Archimedes:
Give me a hundred honest custom workers and I shall move the world.

Parallels from Burma

December 28, 2009

I’ve just finished reading H.Fielding’s Soul of the People and in the context of Khmer Riche article I want to share with some interesting thoughts I’ve found in this book. First, Fielding’s work is an exceptional book, especially if you hold in your hands a hundred years old edition. Completely different feeling combined with completely different language create a feeling that hard to describe. It’s an essentially pro-Buddhist book too.

With so much stuff that I like what I do now is scan pages with thoughts, sentences or little stories that I marked off. I hardly had to scan whole book such good it was. So if anyone feels attracted by this introduction, he should get that book himself- buy it, or borrow it from the local library.

So I marked in italics original quotes from Fielding and made paralleling thoughts. This would be a beginning of probably 3 parts.

Remember that life and death are one, says Buddha before he dies.

Thus is every man his own maker. Compare “one helps oneself” of Khmer Rouge.

It is a Burmese proverb that officials are five of the great enemy of the people.

A government is no part of the soul of the people, but is a mere excrescence. That’s so close to saying of Lenin in his letter to Gorky “Intelligentsia is not a brain of the nation, it’s a shit of the nation”. Old grandpa wasn’t that bad on catchy phrases! Some of his sayings pre-shadowed Pol Pot.

Each village was to a great extent a self governing community. Compare it to Democratic Kampuchea where people might’ve died in one village and survived in another, separated by each other only by hundreds meters.

No one can damn you except yourself; no one can save you except yourself.

All eat much the same food, all dress much alike. This is a 19 century Burma, before introduction of colonialism and liberal Western thoughts. Very closed society could not create demand for industrial commodities and thus had to be destroyed so British could expand their markets. Would our world enjoy that much growth if Soviet system wasn’t demolished, thus opening huge markets in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe? 20 years more of Soviet Union existence and so called “Free World” could’ve collapsed too.

Beyond a sufficiency for his daily needs money has not much value.. Money is worth to him what it will buy. That’s a maxim for a simple life ideology- why would you need more if you satisfied with less?